Tour Details

Tour start at 10am from the floating jetty pier where our staff will great you with refreshment. We expect to be back at 5pm.

We want you to relax and enjoy the whole day and will plan each tour according the weather, going to the most calm water, beaches and sights we find quiet and not crowded on the day.

Our goal is not to stress around and reach as many islands as possible. We will go where the water is best and beaches undisturbed. It’s your choice whatever you like to enjoy the white sandy beaches or you prefer to stay on the boat, sunbath, have fun with water trampoline, kayak or surfboard. You can also just relax on the sunroof and enjoy a cold drink. We promise we will not rush and you will have plenty of time to do exactly what you prefer while we take care of the drinks and food.

Yes there are truly many beautiful attractions around El Nido, like small lagoon, big lagoon, secret beach, caves and so on and we will maybe pass by some of them and wisely choose to make sure you will get most out of your day, we aim for only two stops. Last stop we will inflate our water slide.

Doing the day we will serve delicious snacks, food and refreshments.