About – Buddy Lets Go

Our goal is to give you the ultimate El Nido luxury experience! Whether you want to relax on the boat or visit islands and beaches, we want you to have the most fun, relaxing, stress-free day possible. We plan each tour according to the weather, and we go where the water is the best and the beaches undisturbed. Throughout the day, we will serve delicious food and snacks, and refreshing drinks.

We have a spacious 65 sqm deck with comfortable seating, tables and a sunroof. There is also a toilet, on-board BBQ facilities, a water trampoline, music, WiFi and much more! If you prefer to stay on the boat, you can have some fun on the water trampoline or relax on the sunroof and enjoy a cold drink while sunbathing. You can also hop off the boat and enjoy the white sandy beaches, or have some fun in the water with our kayaks and surfboards. We promise not to rush you, and you will have plenty of time to do everything you want to do while we take care of the food and drinks.

If you want to see as many tourist spots as possible as cheap as possible, then you should choose tour A, B, C or D, because that’s not our style. 

We have tried all the tours possible in El Nido, and we always had the same experience: rushing from place to place, unremarkable food, and coming home with a sore butt and clothes smelling of diesel.  

We started Buddy Let’s Go, because El Nido is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we decided that guests in El Nido deserved better. We built our boat with respect for the classic bangka design, but added quality, comfort and luxury into every corner of the boat. We hope we can give our guests an unforgettable experience, the like of which they’ve never had before.